“Our Phenomenal Future” Capital Campaign

In a couple of weeks we will be launching our capital campaign.  By God’s grace we will be building a new facility on our North Campus.  Included on the North Campus is a new Traditions sanctuary, Element space, and Youth Ministries facilities.  Additionally, we will be constructing a second story on our current Children’s Ministry wing.  This new addition will feature state of the art nurseries, children’s chapel, and play spaces.  The third project of our capital campaign is funding the purchase of our Adult Development Center (West Campus).

The “Our Phenomenal Future” campaign executive team is preparing to launch our campaign on September 20.  As a church family, we will be reading “Take God at His Word” and applying the Bible’s financial teaching to our lives.  In a Pastor’s Information Exchange you will receive the campaign publication which include renderings of the new buildings, our vision statement, and a FAQ section.  Additionally, in the P.I.E. meetings you will receive the amazing “Our Phenomenal Future” campaign video.  This exciting video will only be available in the P.I.E. meetings.

These are exciting days!!!

In the photographs below, Tim and Yvonne and Leon and Chantel prepare for a video taping.



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