Outside the Camera’s Lens

I wonder how many people think they have China figured out after watching just a few hours of the Olympics?  Sometimes a quick snap shot helps get a good view and other times a quick snap shot leads to incredibly erroneous conclusions.

Most of the ministry that happens through MCA is outside of the camera lens.  Weekend services are simply the tip of the iceberg.   Hundreds of people are busy about our Father’s business in numerous unseen ways.

Kevin and Mark, both extremely busy in their careers, took several hours today to work on one of our building projects.  Dale has many, many hours into two other building projects.  Jeff totally volunteered to fully complete another of our projects.  Do any of you see James are work all day?  How about the late night work of our cleaning crew?

Interestingly, I don’t think we have a ministry volunteer who has extra time.  Their time is booked from early morning to late night, yet they give and give in honor of Him who gave all.

I have been thinking today of all the labor Chuck has given to Royal Rangers.  Years and years of service, much of which skips the weekend eye.

The Kingdom of God advances on the shoulders of people like Kevin, Mark, Dale, James, and Chuck.

To every one who is laboring for the work of the Lord in an unseen, unheralded, and possibly under appreciated work…….


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