Paris CDG Airport Hotels: A small time traveler’s experience

Three of my frequent flyer friends are at 7,000,000, 4,500,000, and 4,000,000 miles with their chosen airlines.  When folks ask me, “Are you a frequent flyer?” I don’t know exactly how to answer.  Compared to most, yes to others, not even close.

Our Burkina Faso ministry destination always takes our teams through Paris and good stewardship of missions money is an obvious priority. Having traveled through the Charles de Gaulle airport several times, I have developed a few perspectives.

The CDGVAL is a free train like commuter service between Terminals 1, 2, and 3.  However, the CDGVAL Terminal 3 is the train station near Terminal 3.  For an overnight stay when commuting through CDG, I recommend staying in the hotels within walking distance of Terminal 3.

I am a low demand traveler on many things.  A quiet, clean, functional experience is all I need for an overnight commuter stay.

With that said, I have overnighted at the Paris CDG Hilton, CDG Sheraton, CDG Ibis, and a host of others whose names I don’t recall.  I have also taken the RER and the bus system into Paris for over night lodging.

For an overnight stay, I recommend saving the high costs of the CDG Sheraton and CDG Hilton by selecting the CDG Ibis or CDG Ibis Styles, both located only 100 yards or so outside the CDGVAL Terminal 3 station.

My experience at the CDG Ibis has been very good.  With the RER 100 yards and the bus station 50 yards away, you can get anywhere in Paris and the surrounding area very quickly and easily.

Generally speaking, the rates I have received at the CDG Ibis Terminal 3 have been about one half of the costs of the Sheraton and Hilton.

I don’t know how long they will offer this special, but currently one can get a room at the CDG Ibis at Terminal 3 by the hour, two hour minimum, for 14 Euro an hour.  I have done this type of sleep arrangement in other airports and am amazed at how much difference a three or four hour nap and shower can make while traveling 24 or more hours.

From Anchorage, Alaska, the travel time to Paris is often between 18 and 24 hours, depending upon how much one wants to spend.  My choice is to travel the least expensive airline with economy comfort or economy premium seats.  This trip, the best fare was Anchorage, Frankfurt, Paris on Condor Air.

I left my house in Anchorage at 8:15 AM on Monday and arrived in the CDG Ibis hotel twenty-two hours later.  I had checked in online and was welcomed in a special concierge line and was in my room within fifteen minutes of arriving.

Helping make missions travel through CDG simple and stress free.

Bon voyage.