Pastor Billy’s Water Emitter Contest

MCA’s terrific teens gathered for the end of school water war and barbecue. Sounds of laughter and joy, sights of water flying everywhere, and love for one another were evident throughout.

The leadership team had prepared over 1,000 gallons of ammunition for the students to launch at one another. Drenched. Soaking. Wet.

The most asked question I receive, “Pastor Kent, why is it called a water emitter contest?”

Sorry, but I am very antiquated. Anachronistic. Aged. I don’t like children to play with guns, especially pointing them at each other in jest. So, I banned all types of gun fights from MCA activities, including video game gun fights and water gun fights. One day it dawned on me, “If we play with weapons as children, we are creating a world where Columbines can happen.”

Did I mention to you how bright our staff members are?

“Pastor Kent, we won’t be having a water gun fight. We will be having a water emitter contest.”


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