Pastor Edgardo of Strong Tower Church in El Salvador

Today Pastor Edgardo presented a marvelous message entitled, “The 1,000 Generation Blessing.” His comments are exceptionally helpful in living the blessed life in our local setting.

1. Based upon many verses in the Bible, God’s blessing upon those who love God is forever.
2. Our children will go farther than we have gone in their lives. Deut. 1:11
3. Our children will defeat the enemies that we could not conquer. Deut. 1:44
4. Our children will walk under the outpoured Spirit of God. Isaiah 44:3

Pastor Edgardo is Pastor of the Strong Tower Church in El Salvador. We have applied for an R1 Visa for him to become our Senior Pastor of Hispanic Ministries. Currently, we are awaiting the government processes for approval of the R! Visa application. Please be in prayer for God’s blessing upon our application.

When we are approved for the R1 Visa (The Lord willing), we will begin our Hispanic ministry. Our tentative date for launching is November. This is very important to our strategy of reaching the most people with God’s Good News. For example, official census data suggest that 30,000 hispanic culture folks are living in the Anchorage bowl area. Unofficial comments place the population of Spanish speaking residents at 50,000.

May God be pleased with our vision, mission, strategy, and plan to present the love of Jesus to these dear friends.

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