Pastor Fay’s Christmas Message

When it comes to preaching, we are a spoiled crew. WOW! Pastor Welch, Pastor Carlson, and Pastor Niemann are amazing communicators of the Good News of Jesus. This evening, Pastor Fay invited us into three glorious Christmas gifts from our Lord; the gift of pregnancy (both physical and spiritual), the gift of God’s timing, and the gift of reflecting God’s character in our own lives.

Fay’s presentation included aspects for those who learn with their hands, their eyes, and their ears. Without a doubt this was the best sermon we have ever heard that featured pipe cleaners (sorry Guy Mofley, we have a new illustrated message preacher). Feel free to listen to the message online.

Denise Hardy was selected to receive one of the gifts Pastor Fay gave (Jim and Denise are featured below). The service concluded with a time of prayer and singing in which we featured “Pops.” He is a great vocalist with a deep passion for God.

For those who were in attendance……Doesn’t Howard look good in a tie?


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