Pastor Joany’s Memorial Folder

In honor of Pastor Joany Bazemo, the MCA leadership team planned a very moving memorial service.  From beginning to end, God was glorified, we were comforted, and Pastor Joany was remembered.

Pastor Fay prepared a beautiful memorial folder for the service.  Pictures of Pastor Joany, the 23rd Psalm in the More’ language, an article about the automobile wreck, and a picture depicting the prophetic word that Joany’s life is now a seed planted which will reap a harvest of honor unto God were included.

In Ouagadougou a couple of weeks ago, I showed the folder to Pastor Pawentaore’.  He immediately asked if we would get copies for every member of the Zone 1 church family. God was gracious and we were able to have 2,000 memorial folders printed.

I spoke a message called “The Joany Pledge.”  In this message I highlighted the pledges that Joany and I made to each other a few months ago and I invited the congregation to make the same pledge.  After the message we announced that everyone could have their own memorial folder.

When I saw how Pastor Philippe had set the memorial folder on the Communion table, my mind thought back to another Man who asked us to remember Him.

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