Pastor’s Information Exchange gatherings

I was deeply impressed with the wonderful participation in the PIE meetings this evening. The interest is high, questions insightful and germane, and the excitement tangible. God is doing a miraculous work among us. Listening to the conversations in the gatherings was a total blast.

Thanks to all the teams for your diligent work and to each participant. Thank you for investing your evening in Our Phenomenal Future.  WOW!

Many are asking for a listing of the options for further PIE meetings. Following is a partial list. Select the PIE meeting that best matches your schedule and we’ll see you here.

10.6 6:30pm BGeesey Home 1614 Katrina Cir
10.6 7:15pm Video Cafe
10.12 6:30pm Video Cafe
10.12 7:15pm Element

10.18 1pm Multi-language service room

10.18 6 pm Element
10.19 6:30pm Video Cafe
10.19 7:15pm Element
10.20 6:30pm DPruitt Home 7300 E Chester Heights Circle
10.20 7:15pm Video Cafe
10.21 7:00pm Video Cafe
10.25 AM services Children’s Church
10.25 1:00pm Traditions
10.26 6:30pm Video Cafe
10.26 7:15pm Element
10.27 6:30pm Video Cafe
10.27 7:15pm Fick Home

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