People are loving Sundays

The MCA ministry team has delivered phenomenal improvements to the schedule of ministries we present each week. After listening, intently and closely, to our worship family, our team decided to place as much of our ministry schedule on Sunday as possible and free up most of the weekdays for ministry in your homes and hobbies.

Our goal is for you to enjoy “Weekends Plus One.” If you attend one weekend ministry service and one additional ministry each week, you will meet our first level goal. Our second level goal is for you to add to the weekend plus one model one place of service each week.

Pastor Billy and Aubrey added Next Level, a Jr. and Sr. High School ministry at 11:15. They were overwhelmed with the 60 students who came for week one. They are already in need of additional space. I hear that Peach preached an awesome lesson. That sounds cool. Peach preached.

“The Gathering” began on Sunday evening. ‘The Gathering” is, in simple terms, our youth church. “The Gathering” launched on Sunday evening at 6 pm. Everyone is reporting a very strong sense of the Lord’s presence and power in the service.

Pastor Pam and Tracy initiated our Sunday evening ministry to children. In one word………..Spectacular. Superb. Glorious. Amazing. Ok, that is more than one word, but I can’t hide my excitement.

Pastor Fay has been walking with Billy and Pam through these scheduling changes and has done so with great skill and grace.


Kids in Training with Peggy.


Developing art skills with Kathleen.


Getting geared up for The Gathering with Billy and Aubrey.


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