Pentecost: Plugged In and Powered Up

Brad Kesler, MCA teaching team member, presented a tremendous lesson on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the lives of every day people like you and me. Brad demonstrated the need to be powered up and plugged by showing a cordless drill with and without the battery. What use is a cordless drill without power?

The power of the Holy Spirit in our lives is, in part, imparted so that we can successfully accomplish our rock dreams for the Kingdom of God. We know the work and ministry we are to do. The Spirit is given to empower us for reaching our full potential in that ministry.

Interestingly, Brad conjectured, “How many times did Jesus walk by the man at the Gate Beautiful?” Most likely Jesus walked by many, many times. Brad asked us to consider why Jesus would have walked by and not healed the man.

Maybe Jesus thought, “I think I will save this healing ministry for Peter and John.” God’s knowledge and timing are perfect.

Thanks, Brad for your teaching. You helped us.

Check out Brad’s blog here.


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