Porsche, Pink China, and Planting Gardens? Enjoy!

Why is enjoyment such a difficult idea for some followers of Jesus to embrace with enthusiasm?  It’s almost like God didn’t, indeed couldn’t, say of His creation, “It is good.”

The spiritual and the enjoyable are not polar opposites!

Have you seen people struggle with the question, “Should I enjoy this or must I be spiritual?”

Why not both?  At the same time?  With a touch of hilarity?

My hope is that our children enjoy their childhood, family, and home.  I trust that Paula enjoys her marriage, life, and ministry.

Of life’s blessings?  I say, “Enjoy them or give them away so that the other guy can enjoy them!  Are you no longer finding joy in your 1983 Porsche Turbo Carrera?  Give it away (may I suggest to whom?  LOL).  No joy left in great grandmother’s pink china set?  Give it away!  Has the joy departed from carrying those extra pounds around everyday?  Get rid of them.

Of life’s new interests?  Give it a go (to quote my Aussie friend).  Buy the camera and start capturing images of beautiful birds.  Plant the garden and see what grows.  Pick up the ukulele and start strumming.

Of your Christian faith?  Find happiness in your weekend worship experience.  Re-discover the delight of reading the Bible.  Celebrate the amazingly unique members of the Christian family.  Enjoy God.

“Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work, – this is a gift of God”. Ecclesiastes 5:19

PS:  The flower photos are from our hotel landscaping, in El Salvador.  Between our scheduled events I took time to ENJOY!  :0)

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