Positive Words for The Bible in 90 Days

Just in.  Another wonderful testimony of God’s blessing upon reading the Bible through in 90 Days.  Enjoy.

I have been enjoying the 90 day Bible series so much that I bought a set of DVDs to take with me so I won’t miss any. I am delighted I have been able to keep up with the reading…it has been amazing to read it so fast. I have never been able to get through a Bible reading plan before. The more I read it this way the more I want to read. I thought it would be a chore but it has been a delight! I’m getting a whole new perspective on the Bible and learning about things I didn’t know were in there. I am also enjoying discovering that so many of the scriptures verses are in the songs we sing all the time. I knew that about Psalms but did not expect to find so many songs in some of the other books. Thanks for challenging us with this 90 day plan. I wish I could say my goals in the other areas of healthy living were going as well…but there is still time for that too.


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