Possessing the Land: MCA’s North Campus

God willing, we are only six days from possessing our new north campus. Hallelujah.

Land and facilities have been unavailable to us for many years. We were surrounded on all sides by property owners who were not ready to sell or rent. Out of this difficulty came our interest in the multi-site and multi-venue ministry model that has been such a breath of fresh air and blessing to our community. However, we still have needed to own or rent the properties nearby.

In the past few years our land and facility situation has rapidly shifted. By God’s grace we now own the entire block where our North Campus is located, we are only four properties from owning all of the block and a half of our Live Campus, and we are in a rental agreement with Far North Bible College for ministry space. Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord! Did I mention that we are only six days from possessing our North Campus?

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