Possibility of birthing a local church in The Netherlands

The past four days I have been hanging out with Pastor Sebastiaan Van Wessem. Sebastiaan is the Senior Pastor of Hilversum International Christian Center, the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God in the Netherlands, and strong proponent of Holland Advance and Europe Advance (church planting initiatives). Additionally, I am happy to proclaim, Sebastiaan is my friend.

We are considering and pondering the will of the Lord regarding MCA and church planting in The Netherlands. There are many models of church expansion, growth, and birthing. Is God leading us to participate in The Netherlands? Are we to link more closely with Hilversum International Christian Center? Venues? Multi-site? Classic church plant? Cathedral model? If yes, when? Where? How?

The one thing that isn’t on the table for discussion is the question, why. Our Lord gave us specific, measurable, and precise commands to go into all the world and proclaim his message of salvation, making disciples, and water baptism. In fact, God is the first Missionary. Jesus left Family and Home. As a result, you and I have the joy of sins forgiven, His mission for our lives, and the coolest extended family on the planet.

MCA is called by God to birth local church congregations. “Here are we, Lord. Send us!”


H.I.C.C ministers in a 1922 church building.  It is a marvelous facility being used for the glory of God.


Sebastiaan and Frank are two fantastic visionaries and church planting brothers.


Emmanuel and Sebastiaan.  Emmanuel, from Nigeria, is called of God to plant churches in The Netherlands.  They are standing on the beach of the North Sea.


The International School of The Hague is a potential location for starting a vibrant congregation in The Hague.

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