Potential Ministry Relationship in Holland

Your Board of Directors are absolutely amazing.   They are leading all of us into a spectacularly bright future.  Part of that bright future is the continued expansion of the interconnectedness of MCA with worship movements, church planting movements, and Apostolic networks throughout God’s global community.

Last October, on my way to the Holy Land tour, I enjoyed lunch in Holland with a fantastic pastor and multi-church leader.  This pastor is fired up about Jesus, church planting, and seeing Holland and Europe come to Christ.

I am planning, the Lord willing, to return to the Holy Land.  My new friend has invited me to attend one of their services, meet some of their leaders, and begin to learn their ministry.  Wow!  What a privilege.

In February, on my way home from Burkina Faso,  I am planning, the Lord willing, to attend another service and learn even more.

Will you join me in prayer for the Lord’s guidance on this budding relationship.  Who knows what God may have in mind for us?

The church is part of an AoG network of International Churches in Europe.  Check out their web site here. 

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