Powerful LIFE Groups

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The full MCA worship community experience is based upon one weekend worship service plus one LIFE Group gathering plus one volunteer ministry event each week. Pastor Fay Niemann dedicates a significant portion of her ministry time to providing a spectacular LIFE Group experience. Mark Burgess gives his full attention to preparing, placing, and providing volunteer ministry opportunities for everyone in our worship community. Our entire MCA worship community leadership team create the best weekend worship experience we can offer.

The MCA LIFE Groups are a key in making your MCA worship experience full and complete. It is in our LIFE Groups that we connect with each other at a meaningful and developmental level. As we gather weekly in homes with 8 to 12 other Jesus followers, we climb higher into the spiritual formation opened for us in the weekend message. Then we, strengthened by the friendship and spiritual development, join together in a weekend of serving people in our communities.

There are many LIFE Groups with room for you. Vanda can help you connect (337-9495) and Fay can too (330-2104).




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