Preparing for the Our Heroic Heritage and Phenomenal Future Capital Campaign Commitment Sunday

On November 8, 2009 we join together our generous first fruit offerings and our three year giving commitments. I can hardly wait to see what the LORD does among us. We have determined from the very beginning of MCA’s economic plan to trust the Holy Spirit to raise all the necessary funds for facilities and ministries. He has been FAITHFUL!

Twenty days from now we are trusting the Holy Spirit to again move upon our hearts with a spirit of generosity, commitment, and desire to invest into His eternal work.

Please be in prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon your giving decision. We are meditating upon our giving decisions through the lens of our head, heart, and hands.

The first is giving from your weekly, monthly, or yearly cash flow. What comes to mind that you are able to commit to giving immediately.

Hand giving is the motif we are using to suggest giving from your asset base. This giving category is really more of an investment than giving. In this form of giving you move your asset into the ministry base of your worship community. For example, you may have a coin collection that you would like to invest into the capital campaign. Stocks, bonds, properties, boats, motor homes, cars, jewels, jewelery, watches, paintings, second homes, books, collectibles, and many other things qualify for the designation of hand giving.

Heart giving moves more into the arena of giving by faith that which we do not currently have in our possession. Heart giving is a step of faith giving. “Lord, as you provide, I will contribute_______ to the capital campaign of our church.”

When hand, head, and heart giving combine, God’s miracle power comes upon the entire group and greater things happen than previously dreamed. We are praying for a complete rise in faith for our entire church family. God knows and God will provide.

“Holy Spirit move upon each member of our worship community and reveal to us a wise giving decision, a giving decision that honors you by it’s faith and by it’s do-ability.”

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