Presbyter Fay, Pastor Carlson, and Pastor Mercer Anoint New District Superintendent

In a moving and Spirit led ministry time, Pastor Fay, Pastor Carlson, and Pastor Mercer anointed Bill and Dori Welch for the work they have begun as District Superintendent of the Alaska District Council of the Assemblies of God.

There is no official commissioning, consecration, or installation for an Alaskan Assemblies of God District Superintendent. So, at a local church level we felt it beneficial and pleasing to the Lord to bless Bill and Dori in this way.

We thank God for the tremendous legacy of Alaskan District Superintendents. By God’s grace I have been privileged to know them all. Superintendent B.P. Wilson, Willard Leisy, Darrell Redfearn, Jack Bransford, Roland Peretti, Ted Boatsman, and Bill Welch.



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