Presentation #1

We give thanks and praise to our mighty God for His work among us in the Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames ministry last evening.  119 people responded to the invitation to trust in Jesus for salvation.  This number does not include the wonderful children who also trusted in Christ in the children’s ministry presentation.

Every work team did their work with class, style, and effectiveness.  From when our guests arrived in the parking lot to their departure following the service, they received first class kindness and love.

Tonight we will need all of our teams to be at full strength.  If you are not on a Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames ministry team, please come to LIVE at 6:30 PM tonight and we will give you a work assignment.

The data entry team bumped into some difficulty with the computer software which slowed them down a great deal.  When I left at 2:00 AM they were still working diligently and with delight.  Fred, Leah, and Judy are amazing.

Thanks everyone.  Let’s have another great evening of ministry tonight.

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