Psalm 151

Jessica, now attending a YWAM Discipleship Training School in Australia, was instructed to write a Psalm and title the work Psalm 151. The general notion of the Psalm was to be that the Lord is not finished inspiring worship and praise and ongoing growth in and through our lives. Worship the Lord with Jessica’s Psalm 151. (Jessica, left and Dara right)

Psalm 151

Of Jessica. A psalm of praise and remembrance.


“For me gentle Savior,” I whisper at loss,

“This gracious redemption complete at the cross?

To my incredulous question your answer is clear,

“It was worth it my love, every nail, every jeer.”

May your voice forever find me on my knees.

Your servant is willing, your choice should you please.

For none is more worthy of my all than you,

My Master, dear Maker, see my heart is true.

You alone hold the stars, give the nations your best.

In your arms I know Comfort, Forgiveness, Rest.



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