Purchasing the West Campus: Conversations

On June 28, 2009 the members of MCA will join together to make an historic decision regarding the purchase of the West Campus. The West Campus is the facility in which we convene the MCA Video Cafe’ services. We currently (from September to May) convene approximately 13 classes in this facility.

I would enjoy a conversation with you about this proposed project. Your thoughts, questions, and insight may generate information that we have not yet considered.

Purchase issues are a bit sensitive. So, rather than talk about them on my blog, I have created a private Facebook group. In the Facebook group we can more openly share the details of this opportunity.

The Facebook group is for official MCA voting members. If you would like me to send you an invitation to the Facebook group, please email me your address. Current members of the MCA Facebook group should have received an invitation to join this new group.  Joining the group will require my approval, so when you let me know that you would like to join, I will approve you.

The more the merrier because no one of us is as wise as all of us!

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