Rachel Announces Her Grandpa Carlson’s Retirement

That’s right.  You heard it correctly.  Our much loved, honored, and respected Pastor Dick Carlson is retiring after 38 years of full time ministry on July 6, 2008.

Tracy worked all the details to surprise Dick and Martina with the attendance of their daughter and grand-daughter.  I wanted the announcement to be remembered, in a very positive and upbeat way, by Dick and Martina for a long time to come.  Tracy worked wonders, including chartering an airplane, in getting Rachel and Jennifer to MCA.

We have all the rest of April, May, and June to enjoy the Carlson’s.  I suggest hurrying to get on their social calendar before it fills up way beyond capacity.

In every major move of the Carlson’s ministry, there has been a powerful word from the Lord.  Dick and I were praying for a word from the Lord for this life change.  God was awesome!  The prophetic word in the 9:15 LIVE service was tremendous and Tailor made.

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