Random (?) Acts of Kindness

God is so cool. I am grieving the death of two dear friends, Jack Miller and Ida Sheneman, as well as adjusting to the news that my brother in law, Jerry, is fighting against cancer that is throughout his body. He is only 49 years old and yet faced with such a gigantic fight.

I figure a nice little Qdoba burrito (with an extra scoop of habenero sauce) would give me time alone to read and pray. With “The Divine Hours: Prayers for autumn and winter” in my hand, I walk into my favorite corporate casual fast food locale. “I’ll take a chicken queso naked burrito with extra habenero sauce and an iced tea please.”

I hand Max, the sharpest culinary arts specialist you could ever meet, my credit and frequent fryer card, to which he replies, “Just because I am a nice guy, I feel like buying your meal today.” Max wouldn’t take a penny from me.

Free chicken queso burritos taste better because they come with love.


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