Reaching Burkinabe Teens

Howard Hansen is leading the MCA worship community into our largest Youth Ministry Missions project in our history.  We are believing God to provide $70,000 for building the Burkina Faso Youth Development Center.  We are trusting God to move on your heart to become one of the generous donors to this grand cause.

Yes, the students in one of the poorest countries on the planet will have economic, educational, and spiritual development in this facility.  Yes, thousands will enjoy our computer lab, restaurant (food prep school), and learning opportunities in the new classrooms.  Yet there are significant benefits for those here in the USA.  Our students learn what faith in God and hard work can do.  They learn that people have generosity in their hearts.  They learn to believe that God is at work through kind, generous, and loving people.

It is a win/win.

Read the latest KTUU News article here.

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