Rejoicing in Anticipation

We are making an in-depth investigation into the most essential component of a life that pleases God.  When my life pleases God, it pleases God to bless my life.

God’s relational interaction with me is shaped by my poverty of spirit, making poverty of spirit the most essential component of a life that pleases God.  Matthew 5:3

Honoring Jesus’ forty day fast is planned into the Christian calendar each year.  In the Bible the number forty, often days or years, is a God ordained time between two times.

This time between two seasons is crucial because the between time initiates the new season.

Season                                         Between Time                             Season

Genesis 6:5-7                                 Genesis 7:17                                        Genesis 8:15, 16

Resurrection of Jesus                   Acts 1:3                                                Jesus’ Ascension

Jesus’ earthly ministry                 Luke 21:6-26                                       Luke 21:27

Our Lent text, Luke 21, is instruction on personal behavior in the “Between Time.”

Events of the Luke 21 “Between Time”

  • The destruction of the Temple Luke 21:6
  • Creation disturbances, wars, persecution Luke 21:10-17
  • Jerusalem destroyed Luke 21:20-24
  • Distress in the universe and on earth Luke 21:25, 26

Personal behavior in the “Between Time.” Luke 21:28

  1. Straighten up –
  • Not bowed under a heavy weight
  • “Things are looking up”
  • Elated
  1. Raise your head
  • Look up with earnest expectation. Romans 8:19
  • Rejoice with anticipation
  1. Know and deeply feel that the season is about to change.
  • Your redemption draws near.
  • The “Between Time” is about to change into God’s new season!

The True Story of the 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebaste


Listen – My Story

  1. Share your Beatitudes memory work.
  2. Do you recall a time when someone important to you was very pleased with you? Share with your Life Group.
  3. Remember a time when you had a long wait for something wonderful? How did you feel when the wait was over.

Learn – Digging Deeper

  1. Please read Matthew 26:36-46. What is the season before this “Between Time” in the life of Jesus?  What is the season after?


  1. Please read John 16:33. What is the season before this “Between Time” in your life? What is the season after?


  1. Pleased read 1 Peter 5:10. What is the season before this “Between Time” in your life? What is the season after?


  1. Jesus said in Luke 21, “Straighten up and look up for your redemption is near.” Please read Psalm 121. What encouragement can you take from Psalm 121 in looking up?

Life – Taking it Home

  1. In response to this teaching, what action steps do you need to take this week?
  2. Would you like the members of your Life Group to help you with applying a component of this lesson?

Lift – Prayer

  • Please pray for your Life Group members who are in a “between time.”
  • Please pray for those who need strength to rejoice in anticipation.
  • Please pray for miracle provisions for workers and funds for Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames in Anchorage and in Dillingham.