Religion and Politics are a Perfect Match

As a young pastor I very often received comments like, “Always remember to stay out of politics because religion and politics don’t mix.”

I am trying to remember if I have received any crazier advice in my life time.

Religion and PoliticsFirst, it is the bozos who believed that religion and politics must be separated that gave us the messed up political landscape that we have in the USA today.

Second, we are even bigger bozos if we think that a particular world view isn’t a religious world view.  Hillary, Bernie, Marco, Ted, Ben, and Don are totally steeped in their own religious world views and to think otherwise is bozo-ific.  Every response to the issues facing our country today is a religious response.

Third, you are an integrated human being.  You don’t have separate boxes in side of you, one air tight box for politics and another even more isolated box for religion.  You are you.  All of you effects all of you.  If you can separate religion and politics inside of you, you have a serious personality disorder.

The elephant who thinks he is a donkey is just a messed up pachyderm.  The donkeys don’t like him because he has a trunk that he trumps (bwahaha) regularly.  The elephants don’t like him because he must get hit with a stick in order to get him to do anything right.

The religion of having no religion is the worst religion.

I dare you to vote your religion.  The world will be a better place.