Report from Pastor Max Wiltshire

Following is a word for word report from our dear friend, Pastor Max Wiltshire. Max is the Executive Director of the Australian Aboriginal Outreach and a very close friend of MCA Church.

Just a quick health report, as I have been having a couple of things going on of late, and you may of heard a whisper. Firstly I got a bit crook in Wyndham and fell down and hit my head on a flat wall so a bit groggy I went to the Doc for a check-up and they put me on a RFD plane to Broome for head scan and they sent me strait to Perth for father scan and then an opp on the brain {head} they said I had a bleed between the scull and the skin that covers the brain, so they drilled the scull and drained it and I’m up and away. after the opp I got a call for the DOC in Broome to say on my way through there they did a blood test and it came back saying I had Ross River virus. after all the above I’m going well back behind the wheel, taking it easy for a while but still thanking the Lord for his hand in all of this, as it could have been much worse, as there was noway they would have ordered the first scan from what they could see, but God was there and they got straight to the problem and fixed it.

We are still planning to go ahead with all commitments, “Praise the Lord” as I’m getting better each day.

Bless you all & Many thanks to you all Max Mereoni and family

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