Responding to Hardhearted Key Influencers

Seeking to live with tender hearts before God and our neighbors, we have taken up a study of Bible teaching about hardheartedness. Our investigation has directed us to Ephesians 4:17-19. There the Apostle Paul shows how the hardhearted Gentiles anchor their lives in their own futile thinking. Their futile thinking, incapable of producing positive results, was the foundation of their hardheartedness.

Jesus followers, however, anchor their lives in the “truth that is in Jesus.” This Jesus truth leads the follower to put off the old self and to put on the new self, with an entirely new attitude of the mind.

I closed a recent talk with an encouragement to run a “Key Influencer Audit.” This audit is designed to ensure that the key influencers in your life are not of the Gentile mind of Ephesians 4, but of the Jesus mind.

Today I received a great question. “How do I deal with the “Key Influencer Audit” at work?

Maybe these considerations will be helpful.
1. In my place of employment am I a Key Influencer or am I mostly being influenced?
2. If I am a Key Influencer at work, am I using my influence for the purposes and character of Jesus?
3. If I am mostly the one being influenced, what steps should I take to correct this problem?
4. If you can not find a way to correct the situation, you may need to consider a change of employment.

If you allow the Holy Spirit access, you will find His amazing power to become a Key Influencer. God’s power in you is more than enough!

It has been asked, “Are you a thermostat, that sets the temperature, or are you a thermometer that simply changes with the temperature?”

Go boldly to work today and set the “temperature.” Be a Key Influencer at work.

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