Resurrection Reflections

It is 5 AM and I have spent the night in prayer, thought, and study of the Bible. Often I spend Saturday night in prayer, but “Resurrection Saturday” is always different because I reflect on the world with Jesus in the tomb. Death and Jesus don’t fit together, except for three nights in all of history.

Facebook friends are updating their status’ with Resurrection posts.

Dave Roever says that he will spend Resurrection Day with the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in D.C.
Pastor Darrel Johnsen says, “Please pray for the Hernandez family. They lost their son in an automobile accident a couple of hours ago.”
Bob Lenz said, “In the airport. Left my phone on the bus. But I will be home for Easter. Well, God willing.”

An emergency vehicle just went past my home with siren blaring.

Obviously, the resurrection of Jesus doesn’t stop the world from turning and life from going on. Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the tomb is, in part, about the day when the world does stop turning and the day life doesn’t go on. His resurrection assures those who are “in Christ Jesus” that when heaven and earth pass away and when they breath their last breath, there will be a new heaven and earth and eternal breath in their lungs.

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