Retirement Accounts and the Cross

My view of retirement accounts often raises folk’s eyebrows and sometimes even their ire. People seem to love an enjoyable church experience but loathe it when God has demands upon their money.

I see it this way.

1. All resources belong to God (including savings, assets, and retirement accounts).
2. Hoarding God’s resources is always selfish, uncaring, and rude.
3. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Not faith in your savings and assets, but faith in God!
4. We must prepare for the days when our income is greatly reduced and for other potential expenses such as medical bills.
5. We must prepare an inheritance for our children and grand children.
6. We must be responsive to the needs in God’s world.
7. Children MUST provide resources and care for their parents as they age. One is worse than an infidel if he/she doesn’t provide that care.

Therefore, I suggest the following:

1. Plan now for a very simple yet adequate lifestyle.
2. Plan for the amount of money you will need for your later years.
3. Prepare a Last Will and Testament for your estate.
4. Include in your will that the FIRST 10 percent is a tithe unto the Lord. Direct your estate on when to give and where to give.
5. Include in your will an appropriate inheritance for your children and grandchildren.
6. GIVE the REST of your estate to your favorite work of Jesus in the world of today.

The next time you see a hungry child desperately needing food and medical attention and you can’t afford to help her, take another look at your 401 K, Keogh, IRA, etc., and re-evaluate what you can afford.

Is it possible that our love of luxury is destroying our witness and ministry?

Is it possible that our love of financial comfort is destroying our walk of faith?

In many ways, the American Dream has become a ministry nightmare. It may be possible that some folks thought Jesus said, “If you want to be my disciple, you must take up your cash and follow me.”

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