Righteous Men Buried Stephen (acts 8:2)

MCA Pastors have been asked to serve in six funerals in the past ten days.

Anchored in the bedrock of our Christian culture is the ministry of funerals and burial. The funeral of an MCA Church member is among the top priorities of our congregational ministry. We are blessed to serve our congregants, their families, and friends.

Our response to the COVID pandemic has significantly altered the MCA Church funeral culture. As a Board of Directors (four elders, three deacons, and the senior pastor), we are prioritizing the safety of the living at the time of death. MCA congregants have experienced the death of loved ones from COVID-19 that was contracted at funerals in other local churches. One MCA family has now buried three family members who died with/of COVID-19, two of whom contracted the disease at a local church with different mitigation plans than MCA is applying.

Currently, to provide for our high priority upon burying our dead and the safety of the living, we are providing funeral services with not more than 25 people in attendance. HOWEVER, MCA does not control the personal ministries of our pastoral team. For example, Pastor Moe and Pastor Blaine have both provided funeral ministry this past week, not as MCA Pastors, but as their personal ministry in non-MCA sites. In other words, as MCA pastors our team members are required to keep the MCA Church funeral protocols, however, as citizens, our team members are free to choose their actions.

Please know that our pastors want to serve you in the time of loss and grief. Everything in them is designed to go the extra mile and serve with grace and compassion. They too feel the stress of our COVID mitigation protocols. If you experience anger or sadness because of our decisions, please feel free to contact me, rather than each of our pastors. The MCA funeral decisions, at this time, are not within their decision authority.

Your church loves to serve, especially in times of loss.

We love God’s flock who gather in MCA venues around the world.

Together we will bury the dead and protect the living.

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