Sabbath and Overeating

During seasons of fasting and prayer, I find myself reading, watching and reflecting upon the human relationship with food.

Ellen G. White’s Counsels on Diet and Foods (1938) is filled with inspiring insights worth considering.  Those who follow her guidance are among the longest lived, healthiest people on earth.  Although I am not a Seventh Day Adventist, I enjoy many of their insights and highly value their commitment to God and His word.

Today I am enjoying Chapter Seven, Overeating.  Her reflections on eating more than is necessary are thought provoking.  In the following paragraph, encouragement is given to embrace a sabbath rest for the digestive system.

(1905) The Ministry of Healing

We should not provide for the Sabbath a more liberal supply or a greater variety of food than for other days. Instead of this, the food should be more simple, and less should be eaten, in order that the mind may be clear and vigorous to comprehend spiritual things. A clogged stomach means a clogged brain. The most precious words may be heard and not appreciated, because the mind is confused by an improper diet. By overeating on the Sabbath, many do more than they think, to unfit themselves for receiving the benefit of its sacred opportunities.

Throughout the years, “Jesus is Lord!” has become my creedal declaration.  From my perspective, all Christian truth flows through this primary creed.

As you continue in fasting and prayer, remember to declare the Lordship of Jesus over all of your life and especially your relationship with food.