Sarah Palin

Since Sarah Palin was selected by John McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate, I have been hearing from all over the world.  The most common question is, “Do you know Sarah?”   My response?  “Sort of.”

Sarah has deep Assembly of God faith roots.  Her Assemblies of God pastor in her youth, Pastor Paul Riley, is an awesome man of faith.  Ted Boatsman was her youth pastor and Sunday School teacher.  If I recall correctly, Tim and Wanda McGraw were her pastors at Wasilla Assembly of God.  I understand that Sarah attended Juneau Christian Center at times when she was in Juneau.

So, do I know Sarah?   I am guessing now that she is a person of fame, many folks are running to lay claims to her friendship.  I don’t want to follow that path.

My best guess is that if you asked Governor Palin if she knew me she would say, “Yes.  I know Kent.  We are not friends, but I know him and the work of Muldoon Community Assembly.  He attended Northwest College with my sister.  And many of my friends are his friends.”


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