Seacoast Church

Seacoast Church, in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, is delightful.  Saturday evening and Sunday day I attended services in several of their 31 venues and site services.  Their system, similar to what we do, also has a few unique variances from which we can learn tons.

Most importantly, I found the ministry team to be exceedingly kind, humble, helpful, interested and interesting.  They are fired up about our Lord and His Church in the world today.  I attended the anchor venue on Saturday evening, the Chapel, The Warehouse, Dream Center, and West Campus services on Sunday.  Each service was characterized by a strong sense of the Lord’s presence, interest in learning of the Lord, and lots of relationship with one another.

Being here excites my MCA’s Our Phenomenal Future Capital Campaign genes.  Their facilities are exceedingly well-designed, functionally excellent, and relationally conducive.  Our new buildings grant to us the opportunity to create tremendous spaces where obedience to the Gospel will happen.



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