See you soon, Phyllis!

Phyllis’ funeral service was characterized by joyful tears. The joy is from a deep rooted faith in God’s work in Phyllis. She loved the Lord almost more than one can imagine. Our joy is also anchored in the awareness of her most excellent life. Salvation is through the work of Jesus on the cross, however, goodness is a measurable sign of Christ’s work being applied in life.

The tears reveal our emotions at this time of separation from each other. Phyllis is better than fine. We are fine. But being apart until we meet again is a bummer.

Shari, Phyllis’ daughter, represented her brothers and father, and Iva, Phyllis’ sister, represented that side of the family, both with beautiful, thoughtful, and fitting tributes.

Richie, Phyllis’ husband, was fantastic.


Phyllis’ family photo.


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