Seven Churches of Asia Tour

Spectacular! Our recent tour of Turkey far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Fuiten and our tour guide, Ahmet, practically provided a college course on archeology, Revelations, and Christian spirituality. Highlights, although there are too many to present here, included the grave site of the Apostle John, the grave of Phillip and the site where he was martyred for the faith, the sites in Ephesus (especially those where the Apostle Paul ministered), and the area dedicated to the martyrdom of Polycarp.

I never imagined that a 2000 year old grave site could be so moving. Powerful. Glorious.


Church dedicated to one of Christianities great martyrs, Polycarp.


Praying over the grave and site of the Apostle Phillip’s martyrdom.


Praying over the grave of the Apostle John.



Dr. Fuiten loves to study ancient toilets.  So, we had a rather public meeting in the “facilities” in Ephesus.


Every journey offers some interesting twist to the food palette.  Terry is eating his daily dose of Sea Gull eggs.

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