Shut In With God: Idolatry

“It’s not until God is all you have that you understand that God is all you need.” When Pastor Gary Cox said these words many years ago I knew they had depth beyond my comprehension.

When one says, “All I need is God and ________ (job, spouse, busyness, friends, money, car, etc),” the “and” is truly saying,”God isn’t enough.” Whatever my “and” might be, it is an idol and a false god.

Being “shut in with God in a secret place” invites me to confront personal idolatry. As I fast, I notice my brain and body saying, “All I need is God and food.”

However, my spirit knows that if I never eat another calorie, but have God, I genuinely have more than enough.

Today, I confront the idolatry of food.

All I need is God.

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