Sleep, Time, and Fasting

Fasting releases time (that I would normally spend eating) for other pursuits. This “extra” time is of much value to the soul. How many times have you said, “I should read the Bible and pray, but I have no time.” Have you said, “I would pray more today, but I am simply too tired.”

Let’s say your normal time for eating in the morning is 30 minutes, 60 minutes for lunch, and 60 minutes for dinner. Quick math tells us that your time for eating is 150 minutes a day.

My fast this year includes eating one small meal each evening. I save the 30 minutes at breakfast, the 60 minutes at noon, and 30 minutes at dinner time. This works out to 120 minutes available for sleep and devotional interests.

Well planned fasting, in a sense, allows you to take control of your time (and your life).

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