So Quick to Forget

Walking into Providence Hospital today, with my mind upon the visit I was about to enjoy, I smelled the always attractive aroma of Subway’s fresh bread.

Sandwiches are the Eighth Wonder of the World. Virtually every type of bread, cheese, meat, jelly, butter, pickle, and all kinds of other sandwich items are on my “All Time Favorite Food” list. Several thousand sandwiches have given strength to my life over the course of my personal history. I have downed at least two thousand five hundred cheese sandwiches and couldn’t be happier!

Back to Providence Hospital. Upon the aroma of the bread, I immediately remembered that I attend the Evangelical Pastor’s Fellowship Luncheon on several Thursdays each year. The plan was quickly made. Visit the patient, order the Subway sandwich, drive to the luncheon, eat the delectable food, fellowship with the pastors, and then get on with my schedule. Full of anticipation, I continued toward the hospital room.

Then it hit me.

Only yesterday I vowed to fast and pray with Jesus. “Jesus, you aren’t the only one who fasted forty days. You can count on me. I will be there with you in your fast.”

Only yesterday I stated that His presence was more important to me than food.

Yesterday I proclaimed with Joel the value of the fast. Yesterday I joined Matthew and pledged a nice, meaningful season of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer.

But by 11:45 AM today, I had forgotten.

In a sense, I didn’t forget, I simply failed to remember at that time. Before I made it downstairs to Subway, I had remembered. But my heart knows the truth. I had already forgotten.

This “forgetful” experience causes me to wonder what else in my Christian life I am so soon to forget?

Evidently Jesus was concerned about our memory when he said of Holy Communion, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

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