Son Rise Service: Christianity’s First Tradition

Traditions are very important for the sustenance of culture. In fact, when some traditions are stopped, the people lose sight of whom they are. “What does it mean to be Redfearn since we didn’t go to the fair this year? Dad, we always go to the fair. It is our family tradition.”

The components of the tradition are not nearly as meaningful as the tradition itself. When our family sets up our Christmas tree and begins the decoration process, Paula always makes piping hot, perfectly sweetened, and deliciously topped off with love…………mugs of hot chocolate………..served in her special Christmas mugs. The hot chocolate is not very expensive. The mugs aren’t in great shape and some break every now and again. The tradition is far more valuable than the ingredients.

Christian traditions are very important. They may not be theologically essential but they are sociologically vital. Some Christian traditions are opposed to scripture. These must be eliminated. Other traditions are not in the scripture but do not violate scriptural principles and others are totally blessed in the scripture.

May I encourage you to increase your participation in Christian tradition? I suggest beginning with the Christian traditions that are global. By that I mean the traditions that virtually all Christians, from all backgrounds, in all nations hold. Fasting during the lenten season, attending Good Friday, Son rise, and resurrection worship services, and regularly celebrating the Lord’s Supper are examples of a fairly global tradition base.

Isn’t it possible that Son rise celebration is more important to your Christian sociology than President’s Day? Could Good Friday services be more important than celebrating the 4th of July?

Pastor Fay presented an amazing Son Rise Service meditation yesterday. Wow!

Getting up early, just like they did on resurrection morning about 2,000 years ago, going to a location representing the tomb (preferably a garden), and celebrating the fullness of God’s world and the emptiness of the tomb is one fantastic tradition.

What global Christian tradition is coming soon?

Pentecost Sunday.



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