Spell it with an “R” (Relationship)

Jesus made it plain— Love God with everything in you and love your neighbor.  Love.  Friendship.  Companionship.  These are some of the components of a Christian life.

Local congregations provide opportunities to develop a significant personal social network.  Your number of friends should be substantial and growing.  Our venue ministries offers large church options with a smaller church feel.  In each venue you can find a friend to talk with and a friend to sit near.

We are planning for 1,000 guests during June, July, and August.  I trust that 100 raving fans of God’s work at MCA will bring with them 10 people in these glorious summer months.

I enjoyed lunch today with Mike and Leann.  Mike and Leann are new to MCA and Alaska.  Recently they were brought here by the U.S. Air Force.  Thanks to our military we have the joy of meeting many new friends.


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