String Theology

Several years ago I was asked to speak to a group of pastors about “what idea has your attention right now.” I told the organizer, “You don’t want me to talk about my current contemplation, because your audience can’t handle it.” The organizer said, “I want your current thoughts.” So I obeyed. My topic was String Theory and its Possible Influence Upon Theology.

I must say that some of the pastors could track with me, some couldn’t, and at least one knows I am a heretic.

My contemplation was regarding the theory that at some of the smallest levels matter may be similar to strings or rubber bands and fundamental forces may act upon these strings or bands.

Depending upon the oscillation of the string, the same string may present four different forces. Of sorts, one string may vibrate with four different oscillations. Or maybe we could say that one string produces four different realities.

I am surely no expert in any scientific field, especially not in the effort to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity.

To the pastors, I formed the question, “What if theology is a string?” Is it possible that God’s Truth, when “oscillated” one way is pre-determinism and when “oscillated” another way, is a more open theism? Could it be that when theology vibrates a certain way salvation is completely by grace and free of all human effort but when the theology vibrates differently, salvation is dependent upon the work of praying the sinner’s prayer? Is it possible that one theological string can vibrate with seemingly opposite truth?

Well, the purpose of this blog is to state that one pastor said, “You are crazy. Near heretical. Truth is One. All Truth is God’s Truth.” To which I replied, “In this meeting we have many pastors of various backgrounds. Some say that Jesus died for all mankind and others say that Jesus only died for the elect. According to common theological understandings, both can not be correct. So, my question to you, Pastor, is this, “Who has God’s One Truth.?””

I didn’t think he would have the guts to say how he really felt, but he did. “Who has God’s One Truth?” I asked. “I do.” He replied.

Be very afraid of the folks who claim to have God’s One Truth.

The only One Who has God’s One Truth is God and He didn’t write a theology text.

I get very weary of people claiming “God’s Truth” for what simply amounts to their perspective of God’s truth. Have you ever heard a pastor say, “I don’t preach the opinions of man! I preach the Bible!” When I hear that sentence I want to stand up and say, “Pastor, that is simply your opinion!” Opinion-less preaching is impossible!

Enough people have been killed in Christian history, over perspectives of theology, that you would think we should have learned. Christians have killed others who had a different view of Holy Communion. Others have died for their view of the Trinity. Some have been murdered for their view of grace and works.

Why is it that Christians have enough theological pride to justify their arrogance, violence, and verbal assaults?

Maybe Pelagius had a point. Maybe Calvin and Armenius were both mostly right. Maybe Sovereignty and free will can coexist. Maybe there is some truth in both Transubstantiation and Consubstantiation. Maybe sanctification is both progressive and punctiliar. Maybe God heals everyone who prays in faith and maybe He doesn’t heal everyone who prays in faith, all at the same time.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not talking about things that are not true. False is still false. Always has been and always will be. I am speaking to various perspectives of truth.

Whether this hypothesis is anywhere near correct or not, I have found a measure of freedom in my study.

1. I no longer have to carry the burden of God’s Truth. He is the only One big enough to carry His Truth.
2. I no longer have to correct everyone who has a different perspective on a Biblical passage.
3. I no longer have to be afraid when God doesn’t act according my axioms.
4. I am free to enjoy the mysterious God who seems to be so understandable and then so beyond comprehension that I could never know Him.

All truth is God’s truth. I, for one, don’t know even one percent of God’s truth because there are no percentages of infinite.

Maybe the theology string oscillates and theological paradox exists.

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