The Holy Spirit Conference 2023 Schedule

Fan Into Flame 2 Timothy 1:6 2023 Holy Spirit Conference Sunday, Morning January 8      Various Times and Locations Wave Nunnally                    Anchorage First Assembly RT Kendall                         Wasilla Assembly of God                    Josh Wellborn                         MCA Live Jonathan Wellborn                 MCA Youth Michelle Wellborn                  MCA Youth Daniel Johnson                       Island Revival and Strong Tower Duaine Johnson                      New Season LaDell …

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I Agree!

The following video was blocked from my Facebook page as “False Information.” Free coffee with me to talk about your view, if you can find ANY false info in this nine-minute video. To quote my childhood self, “I dare you. Double dog dare you, to view this and find any false information.”


Increasingly, I am concerned for my generation, RIGHT NOW, being unaware. Unaware biblically. Unaware theologically. Unaware prophetically. It feels as if none of us ever rang the melodious tune, “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning.” Masses of church goers, in my view, are living as if no biblical warnings or guidance exists …

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Basic Human Rights: the MCA Global Network of Congregations

Many people have been awaiting an update regarding our global network of congregations and their lived experiences. As I have mentioned in previous videos, blogs, and messages, the time for secrecy among our Christian brothers and sisters is upon us. For example, if I write this blog post carelessly, friends in other countries may be …

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