Vaccination and Religious Exemptions

Muldoon Community Assembly, Inc., as an organization, is entirely neutral on all personal health matters. Our organization gives no opinion, guidance, recommendations, denial, or approval of any morally viable medical procedure. Until now, no one has ever asked if MCA Church, Inc., holds a position or has a recommendation on pharmacological matters. I’ve never been …

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It is one of the deepest questions to rise out of the human soul. In perpetuity, we long to know why. Understanding the “why” fills in the gaps needed to direct the what, how, when, and where’s of our lives. Essentially, in knowing “why” we make meaning. Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the horrors …

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Toward an understanding of the mark of the beast

If you know me well, this post will make you smile…..simply because I rarely dive into conversations related to John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ. There are people far more insightful, cogent, and knowledgeable than me. However, my two cents worth follows. In my view, Revelation 13:1-10 reveals a reality, both now and future, with the …

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