A Thankful Father of the Bride

Today, our nineteen year old daughter becomes the wife of her beloved.

Amidst a variety of paternal emotions, thanksgiving rises above all others.  Words seem too limiting to express the appreciation and joy I have for every second of these nearly twenty years.

She is God’s daughter placed in our care to love, nurture, disciple and prepare.  Perfect in every way, she is a source of immense thanksgiving to God.

Her faith, commitment to Christ and Godly righteousness are a glorious reflection of her mother.  The faith that “is also in her mother” multiplies the gratitude.  I am exponentially blessed by the integrity and character of her mother and herself.  My soul is full of appreciation for them both.

Being born the youngest in the family isn’t always an easy path.  Her respect and grace for her sister and both of her brothers is an inspiration and delight.  For her relationships with them, I am most grateful.

If Paula and I were to dream of a God made match for her, he would be the exact fulfillment of the dream; godly, peaceable, gentle, Christ-like, strong and courageous.  For him my soul rejoices in thanksgiving.


Danée Mikal Redfearn and Judah David Kesler, today is your day and I am THANKFUL!