The Benefits of Jesus’ Blood: God’s hedge of protection and His provision of Passover

Following are the message notes from my message designed to encourage us to live “under the blood of Jesus.” As you read, may you invite the Holy Spirit to apply Jesus’ blood to your life.

The Benefits of Jesus’ Blood: God’s Hedge of Protection and Passover

The blood of Jesus points in the direction of God and in the direction of Satan.

Jesus’ blood protects us from Satan, demons, the demonic, and evil.
Jesus’ blood provides the only way for God’s judgment to pass over our lives.

Today we investigate the benefit of Jesus’ blood as your personal Passover.

The shedding of the blood. Exodus 12:6
The applying of the blood. Exodus 12:7
The effectiveness of the blood. Exodus 12:23

Notice the following:

God explains his upcoming action. Exodus 12:12-13
God explains the actions the people are to take. Exodus 12:3-11
God explains what his response will be to obedience. 12:13

For some reason, I grew up hearing about the Death Angel of the Passover. However, in Exodus 12 there is no mention of an angel, nor is there an angel responsible for death anywhere in the Bible.

The judgment of Passover is the judgment of God.

For I will pass through the land of Egypt… 12:12
At midnight, the Lord struck down…12:29

It is clear. The shed blood of the lamb, applied to the door, was the sign for which God was looking in order to pass over a family.

God still visits his world with judgment today.

For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God. I Peter 4:17
The sins of some people are conspicuous, going before them to judgment. 1 Timothy 5:24

Just as in Egypt, so in your life today: both the shedding of blood and the applying of blood are required as the sign for which God is looking to Passover your family.

The blood of Jesus is applied to our lives today by a genuine request to the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 9:14

“Holy Spirit, please apply the blood of Jesus to every area of my life, home, and family.”

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My Story

This weekend we heard that Jesus’ blood effectively protects us from Satan, demons, the demonic, and evil and that His blood also provides the means for God and His judgment to pass over our lives. Have you ever experienced God’s protection? Have you known that his judgment passed over you?

Have you asked the Holy Spirit to apply Jesus’ blood to your life? How and when did you come to that decision? If you haven’t yet come to that decision, would you like to decide today?

Digging Deeper

There is an interesting component in the Exodus 12 Passover passage about the role of the blood for the entire family. How many references do you find about the family (household) in Exodus 12:1-6? What did they mean to the people then and there?

Do you have a role in the application of the blood of Jesus for your family today?

Do you think Acts 16:31 sheds light on this subject for us today?

According to Exodus 12, it is God who judges Egypt with the death of the firstborn. Why is it difficult for people today to grasp a God who at long last brings judgment even though He reveals over and over again what He is planning to do unless people obey?

Luke, Paul, and Peter all reveal that God is indeed the Judge.
Acts 10:42
2 Timothy 4:1
1 Peter 4:5

How do you recommend that Christians communicate to our world that there is a tipping point at which the Judge decrees His judgment?

Taking it Home

Is there something in your family that urges you to request the Holy Spirit to apply Jesus’ blood to the “door posts” of your home?

Is there something in you that is not “under the blood of Jesus” and deserves the judgment of God? Would you like to place it “under the blood of Jesus” today?

Do you have a friend, relative, associate, or neighbor that is nearing the tipping point of God’s judgment? Would you like your LIFE Group to pray with you for them?

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