The Benefits of Jesus’ Blood: No Limits!

Pastor Fay Niemann ministered faith and hope to the Resurrection Sunday congregations by teaching us that there are No Limits to God’s power.  Enjoy her message notes and listen to her message on the online service link. 

The Benefit of Jesus’ blood (and Resurrection) – No Limits!

We have been learning the hedge is a term we use to describe the limits beyond which Satan can not go without God’s permission. Today, we will discover the fact of Christ’s resurrection empowers the believer to overcome any obstacle.

We all face obstacles that try to limit us in our desire to grow to our full potential in Christ.

This past week we retraced the life of Christ

Interestingly, there were even limitations imposed on Jesus while he was officially dead.

Matthew 27:55-28:8:

-V59 – body was wrapped in clean linen

-V60 – a great stone was rolled in front of the tomb

-V66 – tomb was secured by sealing the stone and setting a guard

 1 Cor 6:14 – “God raised the Lord and will also raise us up by his power.”

 The benefit of Jesus’ blood and resurrection is that the same power God used to raise Jesus is available to you and includes…

 Freedom from things that entangle you.

-Matt 28:5-6 – see where he laid…

-John 11—loose him and let him go

-Psalm 124:6-8

 Barriers rolling away and position restored.

-Matt 28:2-4 – angel rolled away the stone and sat on it.

-Eph 2:4-10

 Hope for today and tomorrow.

-Matt 28:5-8 – “He is not here, he has risen just as he said.”

-Romans 8:11

In order to enjoy the benefits of Jesus’ blood and experience God’s power dwelling within you, breaking down obstacles you must: confess, believe, live – Romans 10:9-10.

If you do these things, you will be able to declare with Job, “I know my redeemer lives.” -Job 19:23-27

Response time:

Jesus, I recognize I am separated from you by my sin. I ask you to forgive me and I submit myself to your leadership. 

Thank you, God, for your limitless power which breaks down all obstacles. I humbly and boldly ask you to free me and restore me, giving me hope for today and assurance for tomorrow.

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