The COVID19 Sting?

We often view life issues as much more complex than they actually are. Most of life is rather uncomplicated and simple. Take a deep breath. Tis simple indeed. However, to understand the innumerable process that happens with each breath is far beyond anyone’s comprehension. We could start by trying to figure out how to make a universe and a constellation and a planetary system and oxygen and a human who actually can breath. That part is exceptionally complicated. Taking a breath is quite simple.

From my perspective, the COVID19 situation is not particularly complicated.

  1. Some day every human being will take their last breath.
  2. Upon breathing our last breath, we begin life in eternity.
  3. Life in eternity is more real than life here and now.
  4. Life in eternity is either with God or without God.

Those of us who know, based on God’s revelation in the Bible, that our last breath here opens for us a brand new life in the presence of God have no fear, worry or concern. For us, our last breath has no bite, no sting. I can hear our group singing back in childhood, “Won’t it be wonderful there? Having no burdens to bear.”

If you don’t know what happens to you upon your last breath, everyday can be a fearful and concerning experience. COVID19 rocks your world. The “what ifs” come wave over wave. You do everything in your power to avoid the dreaded moment of your last gasp of air.

To one, the last breath stings with total and complete defeat. To the other, it is a welcomed entrance into joy upon joy and life upon life. Jesus said, “The person who believes in me, even though they die, shall still live. Because I am the resurrection and the life.”

No one with healthy human thinking wants to experience COVID19. We practice wisdom, care and thoughtfulness. Transmission prevention is given top priority.

This is done out of loving the life God has given not out of fear of losing life.

Eternal life is as uncomplicated as breathing. Place your full trust in Jesus for salvation. That’s it. Not complicated at all.

If a pandemic lung disease doesn’t turn my heart toward the only One who can turn my last breath into an amazing eternal adventure, what will?

Take a super deep breath. Place your trust in Jesus for salvation. Then fear not! (There is no end to complicated conversations about what all happens when you trust in Jesus, but trusting in him is so simple even the youngest of children can do so).

For those who have placed total and complete trust in Jesus for eternal life, it is uncomplicated.

COVID19 positive? No fear.

COVID19 negative? No fear.

It really is simple.