The Death of Jesus

Celebrating your Founders death sounds a bit crazy.  Most religions celebrate or at least honor the birth of their lead thinker.  You don’t see many people heading to a temple to rejoice in Buddha’s death.  Even on Memorial Day most Americans don’t take the time to drive to a cemetery to decorate the graves of their much loved family members.

We just don’t get a thrill out of someone’s dying.

Why then do hundreds of millions of Jesus followers spend all of today reflecting, meditating, and re-visiting Golgatha, the cross, and the death of Jesus?

Jesus’ death was different.

It wasn’t permanent….an ending……good bye……senseless……weakness……..nor defeat.

In the death of our Lord, God’s righteous law and perfect character were met, matched, and fulfilled.  Jesus was The Perfect Match for the demands of God’s relationship requirements.  The universal sin issue was addressed, totally and completely, at the cross.  The Church was being born through Jesus’ death.  His physical body required changes in order for His spiritual body to begin.  Our greatest enemy (death) died through Jesus’ death on the cross.

Today we honor Jesus, who is fully God and fully man, for His total and complete obedience to the demands of righteousness, justice, mercy, and love.

Most people’s death is about them.  Jesus death was about God and His love for relationship with you.

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