the fight to live according to my conscience: Zero Tolerance

I am not fighting for your right to take a vaccine. I am fighting for my right to NOT receive the vaccine. I am also confident that I will lose the fight. But fight on, I must.

I am not pro-life in name only. I am not 99% pro-life. I am not pro-life until the contrary is helpful to me. I am 100% pro-life.

Think about it. There are plenty of dead people, including babies, from which to harvest cell lines, organs, and tissues. However, dead organs, cells, and tissues are basically useless to the scientific community. The cells, organs, tissues, and cellular matter must be living or have been killed in a controlled fashion that preserves the human for later testing and marketing. The term, “aborted fetus,” is a misnomer. This is part of the celebration of the abortion in the 9th month crowd. The longer they can keep the baby growing and alive, the more lucrative are her and his organs, cells, DNA, RNA, and tissues. Watch the sophisticated crowd cheer as Governor Cuomo of New York signs the abortion till birth law. Here.

This child, fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, represents the living, breathing human beings who have been kidnapped from their mother’s womb, and SOLD to fetal procurement companies for the purpose of “scientific” testing. There is NO debate about fetal cell line use in the two vaccines for COVID currently available in the USA. Both Moderna and Pfizer’s scientific teams have announced the use of fetal cell lines in one or more of these three phases: 1. Research. 2. Development. 3. Confirmatory testing.

What everyone touts is the line, “No fetal cell lines were used in the production of the vaccine.” Production is simply one of four phases. According to the scientists I have studied, the “procurement” of human babies for research happens “every day” in our world. There is ample proof, babies and their organs and cells and DNA and RNA, are for sale to the highest bidder.

About “Confirmatory testing.” Although neither Moderna nor Pfizer will talk, we assume that every batch of vaccine is tested. Ongoing testing is a requirement, to my knowledge, for all vaccines. In the USA, you have every assurance that the immunization was tested to show safety (except for these vaccines) AND that the specific bottle of immunization from which you are receiving your vaccination is also tested. I assume, therefore, since Moderna and Pfizer have already stated that their vaccines are tested, at some phase, against human fetal cell lines, that each batch of vaccine is also tested against fetal cell lines. It is my opinion that the confirmatory testing is ongoing (which is of great interest to Catholic moral theologians).

Everyone has the right, the legal right, and the freedom of choice to receive vaccines researched, developed, and tested in this manner.

I am fighting, tooth and toe nail, for people with consciences like mine, to NOT take these vaccines.

My Christian brothers and sisters are supportive of banning things like travel, entering buildings, and other basic human freedoms from people with a conscience like mine. In the strangest of logical reasoning, we are told that your vaccine helps me. Really? How is my shingles vaccine doing for you? Are you feeling safer? More alive? More ready to face the world? (By the way, by God’s grace and the demands of conservative people, there is a morally clean shingles vaccine).

I would rather walk than get permission to travel by receiving anything researched, developed, and tested in this manner. If buying food requires that I have this vaccine, I’ll go hungry.

This flows from my moral conviction of ZERO TOLERANCE of the slaughter of the infant innocent. Truthfully, the spun notion that the cell lines used are from 1972 seems to me to be implausible. With the vast number of human infant cell lines procured and for sale, why would they ONLY use lines from 1972? They have never stated, “we used only one cell line, and that is from 1972.” My guess is that the cell line from 1972 was used along with other undeclared cell lines.

If only one fetal cell line or more than one fetal cell line are being used, my zero tolerance has no exceptions. “Hey, Kent, don’t you know how much good can come from this type of work?” In my ethical system, no amount of ill gotten gains outweighs the moral gravity of even one procurement and slaughter of a child. In a twist of irony people declare, “From this fetal cell line, we are creating life saving products.” It seems the saving of the procured child’s life would be a better place to boast.

Please hear my heart. I am not asking anyone to live by my conscience. I am simply requesting the right and freedom to live by mine. I celebrate with every person who tells me, “I am excited, Pastor Kent. I got the shot today.” I hope you can celebrate with me for every day that i am able to avoid it. I rejoice with those who rejoice. I trust you will weep with those of us who weep.

People with consciences like mine, are fasting and praying for God’s quick action on behalf of a pharmaceutical firm to develop a morally approvable option for people like us.

In fact, I think I would rather die of the disease than receive the purported remedy.

Why? Because “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I cant in all good conscience with all I have read and studied take these vaccines. I realize at some point it may cost me my job and the even friendships, but I feel this is the way for me. I also don’t dictate what others do, but I know it’s the right decision for me.

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