The Gospel According to Job

Dr. Jack Rozell mentioned to me that he has read “The Gospel According to Job: An honest look at pain and doubt” by Mike Mason several times a year for many years. Being a fan of Jack Rozell, I have begun reading Mason’s work.

in Job 3:25-26 Job laments something far more difficult than turbulence in the world around him. “I have no peace!” Job realizes that the turmoil around him has moved inside.

The most difficult season of my life was when I, like Job, had no internal peace. Maybe every Jesus follower experiences a time when the battle moves from external to internal.

Job knew, in his heart, what Isaiah would pen years later, “The fruit of righteousness is peace.” Job knew that he was righteous. Intrinsically he knew that righteousness produces peace.

Deep into his loss of peace Job trusted God to keep His Word.

You and I must also trust in God’s commitment to be true to his Word.

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